WiFi for Health & Beauty

WiFi for Health and Beauty

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With the increased use of mobile tablets in the health & beauty industry, great WiFi is a necessity. 

A lot of health and beauty applications now reside in the "cloud" and need reliable broadband and fast WiFi, to function. Customers also expect easy to access, fast WiFi whilst waiting for treatments and procedures. 

WiFi can be also used to trigger messages and marketing campaigns based on behavior. For instance a "Welcome.." email could be sent 10 minutes after they connect to your WiFi. If the customer hasn't connected for say, 30 days, a special offer email could be send to entice them back. The possibilities are huge.

Multiple secure, separate WiFi networks can be also be created, without extra hardware, to cater for Retail EPOS systems, Smart TV's and Digital Signage, Door Access Systems, CCTV and many more. Save time and money by avoiding duplication of networks , whilst also simplifying and increasing your network security.


The benefits of providing a great WiFi network include:
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty due to fast, reliable WiFi
  • Comply with relevant privacy standards and regulations
  • Optionally, collect customer data , emails or social media information for marketing purposes
  • Separate, secure WiFI networks for clients and for business
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Full Coverage For Your  Locations | WiFi for Health and Beauty

Full Coverage For Your Locations

smarthotspots hotel WiFi solutions take all your requirements into consideration, including the size of your facility, the numbers of rooms and estimated number of client devices at peak times.

The location of WiFi access points is determined after a technical survey using the actual equipment that will be used in the final solution. This ensures the end result matches expectations and caters for potential signal loss due to various building materials used in construction . Our team will design a WiFi network that guarantees coverage to a  predefined , agreed, minimum signal level in all areas required.

Proactive Network Management | WiFi for Health and Beauty

Proactive Management

All our solutions are managed and monitored as part of your monthly subscription. This proactive approach means that minor issues are usually detected before they become larger issues.

Each piece of network equipment , including all WiFi access points report their health and status back to our management cloud. If symptoms of problems reach a specific threshold , then alerts are sent to our support team who will investigate the issue and , if needed, contact the relevant parties involved to determine a plan of action.

Social Media and Analytics | WiFi for Health and Beauty

Social Media & Analytics

smarthotspots can  transform your wireless networks into a "social media connect" solution

  • Collects valuable consumer data
  • Captures visitor metrics 
  • Automate marketing campaigns based on behavior
  • Re-market to customers that haven't visited your venues for more than X amount of days.  

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