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We take a practical approach when analysing your business requirements. We only use and recommend proven technology and the best products to maximise performance and reduce risk to the project success.

Every business has a unique set of needs and requirements. Our goal is to be your partner every step of the way, to help you develop and implement a secure enterprise network device strategy that works for you.

The core members of our team have been involved in the enterprise and retail technology industry since 1995, with over 600 successful deployments.


Once we understand where you are and where you’d like to go, we can devise a plan to get you there.

We can design all elements of your network infrastructure, including Wi-Fi access points, routers, firewalls, switches and CAT6 structured cabling. We can also plan for managing security risks and performance. With our network design services, you’ll go from ideas to a practical road-map.


Building a local or wide-area network system starts with proper planning, but the implementation of the design is just as critical to the success of your project.

Over the last few years we have optimised our implementation methodology to ensure a reliable, and easy implementation process.


Why our fully managed remote service is the preferred choice in today's fast moving world.
  • Optimisation
  • Networks, and in particular, Wi-Fi networks need regular review and tweaking. Radio waves are subject to interference from various sources ranging from microwave ovens and cordless phones to neighbouring Wi-Fi networks. We make any changes required to minimise interference risk on an ongoing basis.
  • Upgrade Management
  • All technology solutions require software and firmware updates. This is something that can bring systems to a halt if not done correctly and regularly. New firmware or software updates often fixes bugs, contains new features, and protect you from security vulnerabilities.
  • Security & Compliance
  • Keeping up with security or PCI compliance for wireless or wired networks can be time consuming. Services like automated network port scanning should be considered and can be provided to you as part of the service.
  • Systems Fail
  • With the best will in the world, internet services and hardware, will fail at some stage. The cause may be temporary but tracking down the cause requires experience and historical visibility of the customer's network infrastructure. We have pro-active monitoring of all aspects of our customers' networks and can quickly rule-in or rule-out causes of issues. With the deeply integrated monitoring that smarthotspots have in place, troubleshooting can be reduced to a minimum amount of time.
  • On-site replacement of faulty hardware
  • If managed equipment develops an unrecoverable hardware fault we can replace it from our stock holding. All our managed WI-Fi, routers, firewalls and network switch hardware automatically backup their configurations to our cloud management systems on a daily basis.This allows for a swift return to operation when hardware is replaced on-site. Our hardware replacement service covers the 32 counties of Ireland

We take it personally

  • Our experience allows us to avoid common mistakes and to set proper expectations..
  • We've invested in our support processes allowing us to shorten response times..
  • Our support team have the tools and knowledge to solve most problems remotely
  • We proactively monitor all equipment to help avoid problems before they have time to escalate